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If you are selling your car on your own, the process can be full of problems and complications. After you take time to place ads on the internet you have to deal with the potential buyers. A meeting place needs to be arranged for them to see the car because you shouldn't trust a total stranger to come to your house and have access to personal information. Even then you should not go to the meeting alone because of the danger of carjacking, robbery, or even worse dangers.

Even if the potential buyer is a friend or family member, there can be problems. Imagine if you sell the car to them and then the car starts to have mechanical problems. They blame you for selling them a car with problems and get angry. This can cause friction in the family or you could lose a friend in the process.

Paperwork is also a big headache. Many buyers insist on doing the transfer paperwork after the sale is made, then they don't bother to do it. This can come back to haunt you if they use your car to commit a crime or traffic violation. When a police officer is knocking at your door you will have to prove that the car involved is not yours. This is a common occurrence.

If you are selling your car because it is not needed or a car dealer gives you a bad deal or for any other reason, there is another superior way to sell your car in San Diego. Our company buys all makes, models, years, and conditions of cars. There are many reasons to sell to us rather than a person answering your ad.

We are a respected company and you will feel safe dealing with our employees. They are doing a job and not looking to rip you off. In many cases we will give you a quote over the phone, then make arrangements where to meet to buy your car. We will even come to your house.

All of the paperwork is brought to the sale so that is one thing you don't have to worry about being done correctly. Full payment in cash is also brought to the sale location. We make it as simple and fast as possible to sell your car at a fair price. No headaches and no danger involved.

Not satisfied with our offer? Well if you aren't we are sorry to hear that and we hope you understand we do our best to provide you with the most money for your car. If we can not offer you the right amount for your car, others have had success using Milano's Cash For cars in San Diego. They offer a similar service to us, but sometimes they offer more on specific cars and vice-versa.